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Eric Frein Manhunt – (Updated Photo Gallery)

I updated my online gallery with a few more photos from last Friday, October 3rd. 2014. This day marked the 21st day of the manhunt for alleged cop killer Eric Matthew Frein. I will be back up in NEPA tomorrow on Friday the 10th for more continued news coverage.

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Preseason Hockey

So last night was the first-ever time photographing Ice Hockey. I was there on assignment for the Express-Times, It was a heap of fun and I could totally get accustom to working in a cool temperature environment like it was last night.

Lehigh Valley Phatoms first pre-season game

The Lehigh Valley Phantoms played against the Hershey Bears at the brand new PPL Center in downtown Allentown. What a wild time! I don’t know if i will ever be ok with the players or a fast puck smashing into the glass directly in front of your head and not to wince of flinch. I am just glad i didn’t scream like a little girl when the first puck smacked the glass a mere inches from my head.

When shooting baseball you must always be on the lookout for a ball, there are no nets or barriers to hide behind.. In hockey, i am afforded a thick pane of glass that protects me and my fellow photographers from injury.

Lehigh Valley Phatoms first pre-season game

Speaking of injury, since we have to shoot through the glass.. my new friend Bill Duh, who happens to be a expert in hockey photography regaled us the times of broken noses, smashed faces and other injuries he received when the camera lens was pressed up against the glass and a player smashed into it forcing the eye piece part of the camera body into the face of the photographer.

Here is a link to my online gallery from last nights preseason game.

Wicked good fun!



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