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The Show Goes On: Funeral for fallen firefighter Sam Ashmar

Getting started in the fire service as a volunteer in 1990 and still having associations in one form or another when the call came on Sunday asking me to photograph the funeral of Samir “Sam” Ashmar, i thought to myself how could i say no? A brother asked in time of need.. there isn’t anymore to say.


When you join or get hired at a fire department you join a family, a family with dysfunctions, goofy “relatives”, vacations, parties, births and unfortunately funerals. The bond shared by members of the emergency services is not blood, It is brotherhood. When one aches, all feel the pain. When one life is lost, all mourn.

I hope that all who read this and look at the photos can share in remembrance the Courage, Sacrifice and Devotion exhibited by Samir “Sam” Ashmar for over 30 years as a brother in the fire service.

~ Chris

Read the obituary of Samir “Sam” Ashmar here. 

Article and Photos on the Express-Times web page here. 

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