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On Assignment: Allentown Fair Demolition Derby, In-Car Video!

So, Have you ever wondered what its like to be in a demolition derby, or for that matter a car crash?  Like really in it.. not just at it, but in the car?

Yesterday on assignment for the Express-Times I covered the traditional last day Demolition Derby of the 162nd Great Allentown Fair. For those of you not from the Keystone State, This is in Allentown, PA.. Yes the same place Billy Joel lamented about in 1982.

The Great Allentown Fair


Anyways.. I had no idea what i was going to do when i got to the fairgrounds yesterday afternoon. I had my plethora of camera gear and decided to try something a bit more creative than usual. I looked over the rosters of drivers and nearly all of them were men, except one that i noted and it also happened to be she was from our papers coverage area. This is how i got to meet the driver of car IRMA, Ms Jessica Riddle of Harmony Township, Warren County, NJ.


I found Jessica’s car and her large group of supporters, pit crew, brothers and friends and asked about installing some remote cameras in her car. “Am i responsible if something happens to them?” she asks.. I said not at all. She replied back, “sure sounds fun, lets do it” WINNING! So after my install of two remote control GoPro cameras, one looking at the driver and the drivers side interior, the second mounted on a manfrotto magic arm clamped to a support pipe welded where the dashboard would be looking out from the passengers side view.. we were ready to start!

Here is the video! It shows the two interior cameras and also  video from my broadcast quality pro-Canon HD video camera on the stage.

Check out the photo gallery of this event on 


This video is as bit longer than the one previously posted online. This video has an extra two minutes of maximum crunch footage from the in-car cameras.

Allentown Fair Demolition Derby – In Car Camera Footage. Sept. 1, 2014 from Chris Post on Vimeo.

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